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Breast Imaging

The Breast Imaging specialists at Tyler Radiology Associates provide clinical expertise, exceptional quality and the most compassionate care to patients throughout East Texas. Our team is trained to provide coverage of the most advanced breast imaging technology including mammogram, diagnostic mammograms, breast MRI, ultrasound, breast biopsy and tomosynthesis.



Exams read by our Breast Imaging Specialists

  • Screening Mammography – A screening mammogram is an annual exam performed as a preventative measure. It is recommended that all women over the age of 40 receive an annual screening mammogram.

  • Diagnostic Mammography – A diagnostic mammogram is used to look more closely at a specific area of abnormality.

  • Breast MRI – This type of exam is most often used to screen patients at high risk for cancer. Breast MRI also provides additional information that helps doctors evaluate abnormalities present on a screening mammogram.

  • Breast Ultrasound – Helps doctors to take a closer look at breast lesions and determine if they are solid or fluid-filled.


Specialty exams/procedures performed by our Breast Imaging Specialists

  • Breast Biopsy – In the event a suspicious area is identified through screening exams, the radiologist will order a biopsy of the area. This minimally invasive procedure takes a sample of the suspicious tissue, which is then sent off to a lab for further testing.  Breast Biopsy can be performed using Ultrasound, MRI or Stereotactic guidance.

  • Tomosynthesis – Often referred to as 3D Mammography, this new technology creates a three dimensional picture of the breast using X-rays.  Tomosynthesis represents a huge leap forward in radiology’s ability to diagnose breast cancer in its earliest stages.

The Breast Imaging physicians of Tyler Radiology Associates are committed to women’s health.

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